In the confession I was made to make by the girl that caught me sucking my gay neighbors cock she has informed me I forgot to mention that my cock I would brag at the bar in Beverly .Ma was 8 inches is really only 3 inches and I have tiny little ,as she says baby balls that couldnt satisfy a women anyway ,if I was straight ,which as she made me confess I am not ,and that I now wear panties she picks out for me everyday and wants anyone in Beverly Ma that sees me to ask right in front of everyone what color panties am I wearing today and ask me if its true that I am really a cocksucking queer ,which I will have to answer truthfully or she will show everyone at the club in Beverly where I bartended in the picture she snapped of me on my knees in my pink lace panties and red lace garter belt with David Feminos cock in my mouth I will confess where ever it is ,that I am wearing panties and what color they are and that I am a cocksucking panty wearing tiny 3 inch sissy queer cocksucker ,and if I dont do exactly that then she will out me completely with pictures as proof that I am a little sissy queer , all over beverly posting pictures of me in every bar men and womens rest rooms showing me sucking Davids cock and wearing womens panties and garterbelt ,So I will answer your question ,and admit the truth to you and anyone your with, Bruce Burke

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